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Advanced Distinction Solution offers commercial and residential services for contractors, homeowners, and business owners. We provide top-notch demolition services with quick turn around times and excellent site maintenance. We even offer hand brick removal for historic sites insuring that the original look can be maintained. We have the capability to preserve the removed brick so that it can be reinstalled at the end of the project. We can also hand dig for underground lines when trenching would cut too close to foundations or other structures. In short we go the extra mile to meet the expectations of our customers. We offer a real variety of renovation services to contractors, homeowners, and business owners so feel free to contact us with questions about your specific project requirements.

Some of demolition services we offer include:

  • Kitchen Demolition
  • Bathroom Demolition
  • Interior wall changes/removal
  • Concrete Removal
  • Hand Brick Removal
  • Driveway removal
  • Porch/patio removal
  • Chimney demolition
  • Roof removal
  • Debris removal   
  • Wall cutting for room/space additions.

ADS Demolition in Charlotte, NC

ADS Demolition is a construction demolition and removal company serving the greater Charlotte area, Mecklenburg and surrounding counties in the piedmont of North Carolina. Please contact us for any questions.





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